Asha Niketan Chennai: COVID-19 Appeal

Asha Niketan Chennai has been working with people with Intellectual disabilities (known as Core-members) for the last 45 years to restore their dignity and rights by providing them with home and supporting them with their rehabilitation/ care and development. Through our residential program, we provide privacy, good health and overall well-being with caring, lasting relationships and peer friendships. Asha Niketan, Chennai also reaches out to people with intellectual disability living nearby and who cannot be accommodated into our residential program by providing them with therapeutic activities, and counseling for their family members.

The present lockdown due to COVID-19 crisis has affected disproportionately persons with disabilities in comparison to non-disabled persons. The containment measures such as social distancing and self-isolation are very difficult for our core-members as they rely on the support of care-giver to cook, eat, bathe, and dress. With the limited resources we are helping persons with disabilities to adapt and cope with the situation.

Asha Niketan Chennai depends on support and help provided by individual benefactors to meet their day to day operational costs but due to lockdown such support has become difficult. Hence raising money to buy food, medicine, personal effects, and much-needed corona- prevention kit has become a challenge.

Besides due to lockdown, the families of persons with disabilities who rely on their daily wages find themselves without the support which leaves them at high risk of starvation and health. Asha Niketan Chennai has redefined its outreach program to support these families with food supplies, medicine and other in-kind support to reduce the risk of falling into greater vulnerability and poverty.

We earnestly look forward to your support and donation to help people with disabilities and their families to wade through these difficult times.

“Alone we can do so little but together we can do so much”-Helen Keller.

Please Send Your Tax-Deductible Contributions to

Friends of Asha Niketan

PO Box 182,Candlewood Isle

New Fairfield, CT 06812