Consumer Comments

Friday, December 14, 2007

My Trip to Brooklyn

I had a great time when I went to the luncheon in Brooklyn, NY. Everything was beautiful and the food was very good. The dancer was beautiful too. There were a lot of people all dressed up nice. We all got something nice to bring home. We made things for people in India and were recognized at the luncheon. We also write to our pen pals. The speakers were wonderful. The hotel Rex Manor was very nice.

By Wend

I found out that we were going to Brooklyn to a lunch to benefit the program Asha runs. We were writing cards and letters to the consumers in the group homes in India. I went out to buy a formal outfit to wear. The lunch was held at a beautiful banquet room. Five consumers and five staff went to the lunch. While we were driving I looked at the tall buildings. The luncheon was very nice. It started with Caesar salad, fried Zucchini and Ziti. We had three main courses to choose from. The meal ended with coffee and cake.

They had speakers, an Indian dancer and a consumer that sang. It was a very pleasant day.

By Mary